Industries and Business Sectors

In my career I have served as a technical, marketing and sales copywriter in support of a long list of different business fields and industries. In just recent years, I have delivered quality technical copywriting for..

.. Energy Consulting.
.. High Tech.
.. Computer Software.
.. Nanotechnology.
.. Travel/Destination Management.
.. Financial Consulting.
.. Human Resources (HR BPO).
.. Home Building.
.. Insurance.
.. Healthcare/Medical Billing.
.. Event Management.
.. Forensic Accounting.
.. Telecommunications (Telecom).
.. Biotechnology.
.. Environmental Sciences.
.. National Defense.
.. Accounting/Accountants.
.. Consumer Hygiene Products.
.. Biometric Technology.
.. Audio/Video Engineering.
.. Homeland Security.
.. Mortgage Brokers.
.. Title Management.
.. Transportation Engineering.
.. Homebuilders Insurance.
.. Expert Witness Marketing.
.. Forensic Sciences.
.. Social Networking/Web 2.0.
.. Liquor Manufacturing.
.. Mortgage Banking.
.. Corporate Publishing.
.. Medical Practices.
.. Structural Engineering.
.. Real Estate Development.
.. Corporate Lease Negotiating.
.. Christian Book Publishing.
.. Business Intelligence Consulting.
.. Natural Gas Production/Sales
.. Industrial Risk Mitigation.
.. Drug Testing.
.. Hospitality and Tourism.
.. Small Business Marketing.

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