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Die, Spam, Die.

There are plenty of so-called marketing techniques that I find completely abhorrent, but I reserve a special spot of personal hatred for those people out there who indulge in mass unsolicited sales email. At this writing (June 2004), I receive roughly 500 spam emails per day, and the number is only growing with time. I therefore feel compelled to share what I've learned fighting the great and holy battle against spam.

Keep checking back - I plan to build up this page over time.

Perl Mail Grabber (PMG)

This is a Perl script I began writing in 2001 when I first started looking for a solid spam solution and could find none. I use this program to download and sort all my business and personal email; to date it averages (at least for me) about a 98-99% successful spam identification rate. Currently PMG uses a combined whitelist/blacklist system along with conditional content analysis; I plan to incorporate basic Baysian modeling and more sophisticated configuration options in future versions.

Sorry, Windows users: Linux/UNIX only.

PMG v2.0: Perl script for downloading POP3 email. Supports advanced mailbox routing and reasonable spam blocking. Latest version. (UNIX/Linux and Perl 5+ required)

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